pic-1I have been meditating for over three decades and profoundly studying the workings of mind, body and spirit in daily practice, in meditation retreats and under the guidance of very skilled mentors, psychotherapists and meditation teachers. A lifelong love of learning continues to be my passion.

I am fifty years old and very happily married. My ethnic background is East Indian. Most of my life has been spent in Canada, but the last two years of high school and a university degree were completed in the United States. Travel in Asia, Canada and the US has been incredibly enriching. Living in an exceptionally diverse city such as Toronto has provided the valuable opportunity to work with people of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, various age groups and diverse socio-economic strata.

I have a four year Business Degree and two additional post-grad years in Information Technology. I began my career in the consulting field and transitioned to the IT industry in the internet sector. Primarily focusing on project management, I worked with teams of all sizes and a large part of that role was in coaching team members to follow through and achieve results by creating plans, establishing specific tasks, taking action and measuring outcomes.

After a decade, I left project management and started a Professional Organizing company. I had a strong desire to work one on one with clients and help them to get ‘unstuck,’ to achieve real results and bring their visions to life. I worked with clients on everything from their filing systems, financial record management, organizing their work  and living spaces, creating home detox strategies, and personal wellness programs. My greatest satisfaction came in seeing their results, how one success would lead to another. If a client’s goal initially was to manage their documents what would often follow is that another goal, such as weight loss and general health and well-being, would seem to happen very quickly and almost effortlessly as they gained confidence in their abilities and saw tangible results.

Since 2014, my husband, a Psychotherapist, has been my therapy case supervisor. Additionally, in 2015, I began working with Dr. Jim Cox, a brilliant psychotherapist, who also supervised my practice until his death in 2016.

For years I’ve participated in online workshops, including those by Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique, studied with an expert in Nicotine Addiction and have attended many lectures and read extensively in the field of nutrition, exercise and psychotherapy. I have also self-studied NLP and the work of Milton Erickson

I work with people presenting some of the following challenges: anxiety, workplace stress, depression, post-traumatic stress, relationship problems, low self-esteem, OCD, food, as well as nicotine, drug and alcohol addictions.

Various modalities and approaches are used based on need: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Deconditioning, Progressive Relaxation, Autogenics, Nutritional Counselling and Exercise.

Impacting and raising the quality of people’s lives is my true calling. To that end I have been counseling and coaching personally and professionally for over ten years. I have a strong desire for personal growth and at the same time to help other people do the same to gain health and happiness.